File/Doc icons for macvim

So for anyone out there that uses MacVim, but can’t stand the default application and document icons, I generated a couple sets of custom icons, based on the gorgeous replacement icons by Drew Yeaton, 1024jp and IMEOS.

Just to be crystal clear, I didn’t create any of the artwork, I just generated the various file type .icns files.

You can download any of the icons by clicking the images above, and please visit the original artist’s webpages and say thanks for their hard work.

Terminal Color Schemes

thayer bright molokai
japanesque idletoes

So if anyone out there is like me and prefers the default OSX, but is jealous of the wonderful color schemes available for iTerm2, I’ve ported a few of them over.

You can find all the ports here:

I’ll update that page with new themes whenever I have time

Quick Edit: Just wanted to add that I’m currently bouncing between the “Japanesque” and “idleToes” themes for my personal use.

oh how I hate computers, redux

Well, after a pretty awful week when it comes to computer trouble, my system is back up and running, with a couple of changes.

First, I upgraded the CPU from the 4770K to a 4790K.
Second, I replaced the old Patriot 2133Mhz RAM with G.Skill 2400Mhz.

It turned out the patriot memory just couldn’t run at the rated XMP speeds/settings long-term, but it took nearly 24 hours of continuous HCI memtest to find errors. And since I had access to two CPU’s, two motherboards, and two sets of RAM for a week, I know that both CPU’s are fully capable of running memory at 2400Mhz or greater. And I’ve already tested the G.Skill memory with HCI memtest, and it’s perfect.

So now to RMA the patriot sticks, and then try and sell the 4770K and replacement memory on ebay to recoup some of the cost of the new parts.

Anyway, I’ve updated my Hackintosh page accordingly, surprisingly there were basically no changes to get the 4790k to work except generating a correct SSDT for power management, and adding “dart=0″ (this is necessary because the 4790k supports vt-d while the 4770k doesn’t) to the clover boot flags.

If you’ve actually downloaded any of the config/dsdt/ssdt files I have linked there, please re-download them as they’ve all been updated, and a couple of new links (for the 4790k) were added.

Oh how I hate computers…

Well, after basically maxing out my credit card to buy another CPU & Motherboard for testing, it turns out the issue may have been RAM all along.

I’ve always used good old “memtest86″ to verify RAM, pretty much the first thing I do: set XMP in bios, reboot into memtest, let it run all day.  And my old/current memory passed 8+ hours of memtest with zero errors, multiple times so I thought they were fine.

Well, it turns out that “HCI memtest” (a different, windows based memory testing tool) is the new “enthusiast recommended” testing tool, and sure enough it found errors.

So off today to buy new ram, and hopefully this weekend I can return the new CPU and motherboard. Of course I still don’t have the financial buffer to buy a dedicated GPU yet, even after returning everything thanks to memory prices still being inflated from the Hynix fire.

Incidentally, if anyone is looking for a Z97 mini-itx motherboard to build a hackintosh with, I’d recommend the ASRock Z97e-itx/ac. Aside from the current hacks necessary for sound and iGPU on Z97, it ran pretty much dsdt free with clover. I didn’t bother trying to enable HDMI audio over HD4600 or troubleshoot sleep/wake issues though since my return window is only 15 days from purchase date.