oh how I hate computers

Well, after a pretty awful week when it comes to computer trouble, my system is back up and running, with a couple of changes.

First, I upgraded the CPU from the 4770K to a 4790K.
Second, I replaced the old Patriot 2133Mhz RAM with G.Skill 2400Mhz.

It turned out the patriot memory just couldn’t run at the rated XMP speeds/settings long-term, but it took nearly 24 hours of continuous HCI memtest to find errors. And since I had access to two CPU’s, two motherboards, and two sets of RAM for a week, I know that both CPU’s are fully capable of running memory at 2400Mhz or greater. And I’ve already tested the G.Skill memory with HCI memtest, and it’s perfect.

So now to RMA the patriot sticks, and then try and sell the 4770K and replacement memory on ebay to recoup some of the cost of the new parts.

Anyway, I’ve updated my Hackintosh page accordingly, surprisingly there were basically no changes to get the 4790k to work except generating a correct SSDT for power management, and adding “dart=0″ (this is necessary because the 4790k supports vt-d while the 4770k doesn’t) to the clover boot flags.

If you’ve actually downloaded any of the config/dsdt/ssdt files I have linked there, please re-download them as they’ve all been updated, and a couple of new links (for the 4790k) were added.

Oh how I hate computers…

Well, after basically maxing out my credit card to buy another CPU & Motherboard for testing, it turns out the issue may have been RAM all along.

I’ve always used good old “memtest86″ to verify RAM, pretty much the first thing I do: set XMP in bios, reboot into memtest, let it run all day.  And my old/current memory passed 8+ hours of memtest with zero errors, multiple times so I thought they were fine.

Well, it turns out that “HCI memtest” (a different, windows based memory testing tool) is the new “enthusiast recommended” testing tool, and sure enough it found errors.

So off today to buy new ram, and hopefully this weekend I can return the new CPU and motherboard. Of course I still don’t have the financial buffer to buy a dedicated GPU yet, even after returning everything thanks to memory prices still being inflated from the Hynix fire.

Incidentally, if anyone is looking for a Z97 mini-itx motherboard to build a hackintosh with, I’d recommend the ASRock Z97e-itx/ac. Aside from the current hacks necessary for sound and iGPU on Z97, it ran pretty much dsdt free with clover. I didn’t bother trying to enable HDMI audio over HD4600 or troubleshoot sleep/wake issues though since my return window is only 15 days from purchase date.

[RANT] Net loss.

My life is a net loss.

After an initial surge of hope, when my laptop was working perfectly again a few weeks back, I decided to try and sell it to hopefully afford a GPU for my desktop. It sold for $500, and the buyer paid immediately. Then during the secure erase & reinstall process before shipping, the screen died. So i contact the buy, cancel the transaction and refund the payment in full within 24 hours. It turns out that the buyer was going to give the laptop as a birthday present, so he’s naturally upset, and leaves negative feedback.

This morning my desktop randomly dies.

Pretty much the same problem I had last fall, no display output after post from the iGPU. I thought this was fixed by a bios update a few months ago when it randomly started working, but I guess it was just a fluke. I know it’s not the monitor or the cables.

And since I’ve previously run memtest for 8-10+ hours with no errors, 100% pass rate, I doubt it’s the memory. To be sure though I’m running memtest again today, may as well since it won’t boot into any kind of usable state.

So it’s most likely either a bad CPU or bad motherboard, and I don’t have a spare of either part to test, nor funds to buy new parts, nor anyone to loan me parts. And on top of that, Asus denied my RMA last fall when I first had this issue, so there’s no reason to assume they’ll authorize one now, or if they do that they’ll even fix any problems given their recent propensity to blame every conceivable defect on customer damage.

Just fuck everything at this point.

There’s only so long that a person can live with life constantly shitting on them. When every possible day/event in life is 1 step forward, 10 steps backwards.

It’s a net loss, and I’m tired of being alive.

A new theme for ZSH


So thanks to /r/commandline over on reddit I found a new theme for my ZSH setup, Bullet-train.

I’ve actually decided that instead of maintaining my own fork of the theme, I’m going to try and submit pull requests to the main repo whenever I make any changes or modifications.

Here’s the changes/overrides I add to my .zshrc:

# Override BulletTrain theme settings

Make sure you add these lines to your .zshrc file BELOW the line that sources oh-my-zsh (usually something like: source $ZSH/oh-my-zsh.sh)

And in the actual bullet-train.zsh-theme file uncomment a couple lines towards the bottom:

# prompt_status
# prompt_context

Just delete the # symbol at the beginning of each line.

Hackintosh stuff

Well, since I finally got around to setting up (and testing!) audio output over HDMI and Displayport today (with the integrated HD4600 graphics only) I decided it was time to put together an overview/guide/info page for my Haswell Hackintosh setup.

If anyone cares, you can find it by clicking the “hackintosh” link in the main menu above.


So Google I/O 2014 was today… and I’m now dying to get my hands on a Moto 360, which I’ll almost certainly never be able to afford, just like my lack of funds to buy a GPU.

However I do have a crap ton of free time, and given my borderline agoraphobia and lack of employability, it makes me a prime candidate for teaching myself android/mobile development.

And that leads to the biggest roadblock that has regularly stopped me from learning Java: I don’t have any reason to. I don’t have a project to work on, or any kind of goal. I don’t have any idea whatsoever for what to make that people might actually want/need to use.

So I guess I’ll ask again, what software/user problems still need solving when it comes to android/mobile devices? What kind of apps are people still looking for, that haven’t been made (or perfected) yet?