The ugly side to cheap SSD’s

Well, seems like I made a very poor choice in SSD’s when I put together my new Hackintosh:

The tl;dr is that the 840 EVO series seems to have a very serious bug, whereby “old” data has drastically reduced (to the order of 90% slower than normal) access times. This doesn’t appear to be a TRIM bug, there’s as yet no comment from Samsung, and pure speculation that this could even be fixed with a firmware update. Of course, with the 850 series released already, I have very little faith in Samsung to fix the problem with a firmware update if it’s even possible.

So yay, now I get to buy new SSD’s a lot sooner than I ever planned, and at this point, I think I’m sticking with drives that only have a 5 year warranty or longer (e.g. Samsung 850 Pro, Sandisk Extreme Pro, Intel 730 series.)

Life just doesn’t want me to ever afford a fucking video card.

Just a quick hack update

I just posted a quick update to my Hackintosh setup page. In short, I found a bug today with the way I patched my DSDT that was causing me to lose the ability to use my front-panel audio jacks. I’ve corrected the error and verified that I have working front panel audio again. Accordingly I’ve updated my pre-patched dsdt and 4790k config.plist downloads, and added a howto/explanation about the necessary patch edit.

You can find everything on the main hackintosh page here.

It’s going to be a long week

Well, yesterday I got an unexpected surprise… apparently massdrop got a handful of the backlit Poker 2 with Clear switches included with the non-backlit shipment this last week.

And since I was the third person to join the drop, my keyboard has shipped!

UPDATE – 5 September, 2014: Well, of course the other shoe had to drop, turns out pretty much every single “early” shipment of backlit keyboards has been wrong, and mine was no exception. Massdrop shipped me a grey keyboard with no backlighting, so now I get to wait another few weeks for the right keyboard. Between shady business practices, incorrect product listings, changes to listings after a buy has already started, and now shipping problems, well I definitely don’t recommend massdrop anymore, avoid them if you can.

Stupid cables…

Since I had to take apart my computer again today to swap the 450w SFX power supply back in, I remembered to take pictures of the custom power cables I made.

Instead of cutting up the original cables (or going the full custom/from scratch route) I bought the Silverstone PP05-E flexible/short cable set and used the following:

  • 1 x 20+4pin ATX connector (350mm)
  • 1 x EPS/ATX12V 8pin(4+4) connector (350mm)
  • 1 x two (2) SATA 90˚connectors (350+50mm)
  • 1 x three (3) SATA 180˚ +1 x Slimline SATA connectors (300+150+150+150mm)

The 24-pin ATX and 8-pin EPS cables were both fine as is with a little bending and tucking them out of the way of the NF-F12/”pull” fan. The SATA/peripheral cables though were a nightmare.

I took one cable and cut it down to a 2x SATA, around 90mm in length. This runs straight from the PSU to my two SSD’s, which are stuck together with double sided tape :(

The second cable I cut off two of the full-size SATA connectors, and spliced the slimline connector straight into the PSU end.

One tip for anyone looking to crimp two wires into the same Female ATX terminal, buy terminals one size larger than your wire, e.g. for dual 18AWG, buy 16AWG terminals like these:

And of course I’ll likely need to shorten the PCIE cables too, but there’s no real point in starting that until I actually have a GPU.

macvim doc icons redux & howto

So I had some questions on how I generated the MacVim document/file type icons since the included script has been broken for a lot of people.

To use the /src/macvim/icons/ script, you need to make a few changes:

  1. You need a 512px version of the apple “GenericDocumentIcon.icns”
    • I took the 1024px version from Mavericks, exported all the png files, and created a new icns with 512px max size.
    • I placed the 512px icon in the “icons” directory and modified the and files

  2. Copy or export a 512px version of the icon you want to use, rename it ‘vim-noshadow-512.png’, and place it in the /icons folder.
  3. Download a pre-compiled version of “makeicns” and place it in the /icons/makeicns folder, then comment out the relevant portion of the makefile.
  4. Modify the script to generate 512px for all sizes (alternatively you could just change every icon type to the ‘large’ preset instead of ‘small’, I just found it was fewer changes to add 512px to the small preset.)

  5. ‘cd’ into the /icons directory and run: ‘make getevny’ followed by ‘make all’
    (Note: this will generate an error at the end because we’re no longer using the ‘link’ option for any icons, you could always comment out the call to ‘link’ but I just haven’t bothered.)

PSU Overkill!

Well, my SST-SX600-G power supply was delivered yesterday. So far it’s markedly quieter than the 450w it replaced, now I can’t wait to finally get a GPU… which is still nowhere near possible now that the B-Stock GPU’s are all out of stock again. :(

It’s incredibly hard to see in the photos, but I’ve started making my own/custom power supply cables. I’ve already made a custom ~3″ dual-SATA cable for the SSD’s (two wires crimped into the PSU terminal end, this allowed for the stacked SSD mounting without a mess of cables bunched up.)

And for anyone that may find this post in the future, I did have to bend the bottom support for the HDD brackets in order to fit the second/”PULL” fan on the H75 radiator. Whenever I get around to cutting out the bottom panel (for GPU clearance) and painting all white plastic parts black, I’ll try and remember to take some pictures of the custom cables and all the case mods.

Anyway, at least my “todo” list for my computer is shrinking/almost complete:

  • Buy a GPU (/sigh, maybe someday)
  • Buy an m.2 SSD for testing, beta OS installs, etc.
  • Figure out better SSD mounting than masking tape ><
  • Finish my custom/shorter power cables
  • Figure out some semblance of cable management
  • Paint the white case parts black