no more need for an SSDT?

Well, the title might be misleading, but it’s true for a few niche cases at least.

So I don’t know when they fixed this, but thanks to a comment on /r/hackintosh, I took a loot at clover automatic c-state/p-state generation for the first time in a year, and it seems to be fixed, at least for Haswell on Yosemite using XCPM. I’ve been running my system without an SSDT for a few days now, and can verify that speed-step, sleep, etc. are all still working great.

Why should you care? Well, it means you don’t need to worry about generating an SSDT or configuring drop-tables anymore to get native speed-step using XCPM mode with Yosemite. This also means that overclocking should be more user-friendly now if you use Clover; just adjust your max turbo speed in the bios, and clover should update automatically, no more generating a new SSDT for every clock-speed bump/test. You will still see a P-State Table MisMatch message in your system log, but in my quick testing, the overclock works fine.

Of course, if you’re using an SSDT for anything other than power management, this is all moot; keep using your SSDT.

Hello, goodbye free disk space

Just a quick note about the new Photos app in 10.10.3; there’s currently no way to disable the auto-generation of previews or thumbnails, so be prepared to lose a lot of disk space for your new library.

For a quick example, I have ~85GB of photos (around 9200 files) that I store on a secondary 2TB HDD, since my OS and applications are on a (relatively) small, 250GB SDD. I do however keep the various library files (e.g. all the metadata) on my SSD so the apps still startup very quickly. My old Aperture library, was around 1GB for 9200 photos, because I disabled automatic preview generation. My lightroom 5 library for the same 9200 photos is very similar, around 900MB.

The same library of 9200 photos converted to the new Photos app? 12.18GB

New intel ethernet kext

This is just a quick note in case somehow people haven’t already seen it, but Mieze over at insanelymac has started work on a new kext, specifically for modern intel ethernet adapters.

I used the 1.0.0d6 version without any issue for a week or so before moving to the 2.0.0d1 experimental build, and so far both have worked pretty much flawlessly with my hackintosh. If you use clover for your bootloader, simply download either kext, mount your /EFI partition, delete AppleIntelE1000e.kext and drop in the IntelMausiEthernet.kext you downloaded. To be safe, run the following to wipe all your kernel/boot caches, then reboot.

sudo kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel
sudo kextcache -Boot -U /
sudo kextcache -system-cache
sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions

GTX970/FT03-Mini update

I doubt that anyone really cares, but here’s a quick follow-up on the modification I did to my FT03-Mini to fit an Nvidia reference style GTX-970 video card.

It turns out that using an AIO liquid cooler (as is recommended in the FT03-mini manual) for my CPU (Corsair H75) the general case airflow is awful, and starves the GPU of airflow. So while the CPU runs cool (thanks to the combined 140mm push fan on the bottom of the case, and the internal 120mm pull fan) the GPU struggles to stay under 80 degrees C, even at 75% fan speed, completely stock/not-overclocked. This basically means there is zero room for any overclocking using the FT03-mini.

Normally this wouldn’t really bother me, but the GTX 970 struggles to hit 45+ fps at the 2560×1440 resolution of my monitor, and basically requires overclocking to be viable, even more so following the segmented memory revelation earlier this year. (A quick explanation, the 970 has two separate memory pools, a 3.5GB pool attached to a 224-bit bus, and a 512MB pool attached to a single 32-bit bus, and they can’t both be accessed at the same time; effectively making the GTX 970 a 3.5GB/224-bit card, not a 4GB/256-bit card.)

If I had the disposable income for yearly upgrades, or I had a more powerful card (e.g. high binned/factory overclocked 980, or a GTX Titan X) that didn’t require overclocking the way my 970 does, the case would be a non-issue, and I still feel the case (and the mod) is fine for the vast majority of people. Sadly though I’m a waste of skin/complete failure at life/utterly unemployable, and I need every ounce of performance possible from my computer, and I need my components to last as long as possible. I can’t simply buy a new GPU in 6 months; I won’t have the money for a new system for several years.

So, I’m left with no real option except replace the case, and I’m currently leaning towards a Corsair 250D. If anyone has one to sell or donate, or wants to trade for my FT03-Mini, please leave a comment to get in touch.